End product

Final Product

Various online and offline channels for the end consumer sales of products

Raw material products

Raw Materials/Ingredients

For international and domestic manufacturers, wholesalers, sales and OEM products

Hebei xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. brand story

Brand story

The company's existing "xinqidian", "Own family" two brand

News /NEWS

? The company has won the recognition of hi

A few days ago, Hebei Province, high-tech enterprises identified management work leading group announced in 2014 a new recognition of high-tech enterprises list. According to the relevant provisions, provincial high-tech enterprises identifi...

? Xinqidian chairman of Chinese people pay

Economic: the companys sales in the domestic market share and coverage of how? Yu Hailong: at present, the overall situation is good. With the improvement of living standards, and now we not only the pursuit of delicious as the first requir...

Videos /video

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